Health is Wealth

Health is wealth, selfcare, wellness, tipsHey Puristas we got a guest blogger today named Jess, and her topic is right in line with what we’ve been preaching! Health is most certainly wealth but to hear why?...let’s dig in.

Hey guys it’s your girl Jess, but first and foremost I would just like to say we made it through 2020 and I’m wishing you all a happy, wealthy and healthy new year!!

I know most of us usually start a new year with new resolutions and goals whether short term or long term...small or grand but I think I’ve actually found one word to encapsulate all of my goals for 2021 and that is “WELLNESS”. According to Pfizer wellness can be defined as “the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes”.

What healthy habits do you want to practice in 2021? I know exercise and mediation is something high on my list! I just turned 25 right before 2021 rolled in and all I heard was “it’s only downhill from here”, “ your metabolism won’t be the same”, “biological clock”, blah blah blah ..... I mean YIKES how scary is that lol? 🥴 I spent my 2020 struggling to complete evening workouts and staying dedicated especially when the results weren’t evident. I wanted to lose the pooch. However, I completely ignored all the subtle benefits I experienced after working out. I felt more vibrant, I felt more confident even though nothing much had altered physically, I slept better, I Sleep, Health, Wellness, Luxuryfelt that I had a healthier appetite and my mental at the time was just thriving! 

This goes to show that we should always strive for wellness in our daily lives and that is engaging in habits that make us feel good physically and mentally and not misinterpreting wellness as a deadline or time frame for a particular goal because it’s not......its a lifetime journey.

Exercise, health, happinessWhat advice can I give you? Start off small. I did my first 30 min workout for the year and it consisted of 8 workouts and I’m quite happy. I didn't do it with a set goal in mind, but more because I just want to be active and stay healthy even if not one pound is lost. I also played a mediation track by my favourite artist Londrelle whilst in the shower entitled “Never give up” and honestly laying in this bed I feel so good, so fulfilled and ready for tomorrow.

Besides meditation and exercise, wellness also looks like getting enough rest, choosing to eat healthy and staying in touch with loved ones (cyber of course hahaha). So whether it’s dancing in your living room, a call from your grandma or even going to bed an hour earlier.... whatever it is that makes your body feel good and your mental plate a lot lighter DO IT! 🏽‍♀️ Dancing, music, wellness

As a young professional what’s your routine once you’re done work or even before work? Do you actually find the time to make sure you’re taking care of yourself the way you should? In what ways this year will you practice wellness? Let’s hold each other accountable



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