Satisfaction For Our Puristas

Our family here at Unforgivingly Pur. Inc. want you to love our products just as much as we love them. From formulating to manufacturing to labeling & distributing, everything we do is done by hand, met with care and with you always in mind. We're all about the experience & want to extend that experience and love to you, however if within the first 28 days your product has been damage in transit, is defective or your experience with us or our product has not been great then we want to hear about it. We'll do our best to resolve it, or exchange it. Being Unforgivingly Pur. means that we stand behind our brand, our product & our Puristas and that's a fact.

Bold. Natural. Authentic


Please email us at info@unforgivinglypur.com for assistance with any of your items or order and someone will be happy to serve you.


We now ship world wide. We understand that shipping is a real concern for some and we pass on shipping discounts that we get to ensure your cost for shipping isn't too high. We do this buy paying a portion of the shipping cost and by using a variety of companies that offer the best rates. Yet and still prices do vary and will appear on the screen before you confirm your order. 

All orders placed online at www.unforgivinglypur.com are processed within 48 hours. (Except if items are on restock because everything is made by hand.)

Delivery times:

Unforgivingly Pur. strives to have orders delivered as quickly as possible once your order is accepted, using the delivery method you select on our Site. Delivery times and fees will vary based on the shipment destination and delivery method selected.

Standard Canadian shipping is 2-7 days  | Standard US shipping is 3 days| International shipping is from 6-21 days* Please note shipping times may vary due to Covid and shipping companies experiencing delays. * Feel free to reach out with any shipping related questions if you have something more specific.

Product Questions

Natural Fragrance 

How are Natural Fragrance Oils created?   

Natural Fragrance Oils are plant-based aromatics that are produced using pure essential oils and aromatic isolates derived solely from natural, raw botanical sources. Perfumers then use their incredible talent and expertise to take these naturally derived essential oils and aromatic compounds to blend and create unique fragrances that were previously out of reach to those wanting to stay away from using synthetics.  


Natural Deodorant 

Our natural deodorant is handcrafted and created in Canada. We use some ingredients from local Canadian suppliers, and we import from US suppliers to provide you with a quality deodorant that is superior in performance to many other natural deodorants. We are aluminum and baking soda free yet we use exotic ingredients and natural scents to bring you a whole new experience with natural deodorant. You will absolutely fall in love with local home grown Canadian deodorant.

Natural deodorant that works/Does your deodorant work?

While we can't make promises for everyone, we have great reviews and have tested this deodorant out in different weather to testify to its effectiveness.

Natural deodorant rash/Will this deodorant give me a rash?

A lot of natural deodorant rashes are caused from too much baking soda in the recipe. This is why our new formula is baking soda free but still provides amazing coverage and odour protection.

Natural deodorant Reviews?

Yes! please take a look at all the reviews and let them speak for themselves. While we can't speak for everyone's experience we can say that Unforgivingly Pur.'s Natural deodorant works well for everyday life activities and those stressful moments. 


 At the moment Hand sanitizers cannot be shipped outside of canada due to the nature of the product. We are actively working on solutions but for the moment the sanitizers can only be sent within Canada. Thank you for understanding.

All products are natural, made with clean quality ingredients and without harmful chemicals.

Products are nut-free and 100% vegan friendly. 

Please reach out with any additional questions to info@unforgivinglypur.com