Our Story

We are sisters Rochelle & Cola Bennett, the founders of Unforgivingly Pur. Inc. a Beauty + Wellness Company in Ontario Canada. 
Unforgivingly Pur. is a beauty + wellness brand that provides clean beauty products to elevate your self-care experience. After the passing of Cola's son in 2014, the sister co-founders had to relearn how to take care of self and discover healing through natural products. Unforgivingly Pur. is where luxury meets culture and is for beautiful men & women who want to smell great, live clean, and love themselves unapologetically.
To hear our story please watch the video below:



We are committed to inspiring customers to prioritize wellness, love culture and normalize luxury through creating high quality products and unique experiences that advance the standards of beauty and wellness in a bold and unapologetic way. 


To create a wellness space that will change how people manage stress in their everyday lives, to provide global customers with tools, products, and services that promote a well-balanced life, and to have industry leading products.

Welcome Puristas, Let's Get This Wellness Together