The Wellness Space


We keep our services express because they pack powerful benefits (increased mood) and allow us to serve many people. Each service is approx. 5 mins/service with the possibility of bundling other services for enhanced relaxation experience.

     Our signature hand massage service is the epitome of relaxation, not to mention a real crowd pleaser. It’s the treat you didn’t know you needed, but you’ll be glad you got!

For your hands we provide a 2 step process of hand scrub, followed by hand lotion. All products are all natural and scented with essential oils for your benefit. This is a must try for relaxation and the scents are so exquisite you will not regret taking 5 mins for yourself.

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This Unique idea is great for, social gatherings, events, charities, in home parties. weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, corporate wellness days, churches, boat parties, clubs, & bachelor parties.


1 Hand Massage Station| 2 hour minimum| 1-30 ppl approx.|

2 Hand Massage Stations| 3 hour minimum| 60+ ppl approx.

Both Hand Massage Stations include the following:

  • 2 step hand massage process (scrub and lotion)
  • Wellness tip
  • Product education

Message us today for a quote, we can also customize packages according to your event needs. Set up is quick and doesn’t take a lot of space depending on the package chosen.

Relaxation is the new necessary & Inner peace is the new success