Unforgivingly Pur. Foot + Body Scrub Exfoliation, Toronto Ontario
Unforgivingly Pur. Foot + Body Scrub Exfoliation, Blue Mountain Coffee Toronto Ontario
Unwind with Salt Body Scrub, Toronto, Unforgivingly Pur.
Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub, Toronto, exfoliation
Reset with Shower time quick Body scrub Toronto Unforgivingly Pur
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Unforgivingly Pur. Foot + Body Scrub Exfoliation, Toronto Ontario
Coffee Body Scrub toronto Unforgivingly Pur
Body scrub, Unforgivingly Pur Toronto

Foot & Body Scrub

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Energize & Refresh Me

For All Skin Types  

Tired of painful ingrown hairs, patchy dry skin, or rough heels? In need of a pedicure but spa wait times are too long? If so, you need our 2-in-1 foot + body scrub! No need to spend extra time or change your shower habits.

Let stress be washed away-literally! With this scrub, you will not only save time, because of its cleansing soap-base and exfoliating properties but in addition, your skin/feet will be so moisturized and glowing! Above all, your shower experience will never be the same again! We know you love your naturally sourced products and that’s why you won’t find anything harsh in the formula. In conclusion, upgrade from the average oil-based scrub to our 2-in-1 soap-based foot + body scrub available in 2 indulgent scents.

We've remixed our hydrating base with some fan favorites. Therefore whether you choose nourishing Pink Himalayan Salt in Serenity or exotic Blue Mountain Coffee in Blue Mountain & biscuits, you're sure to fall in love.  It's a win-win. Your desired skin is just one scrub away, we can't wait until you experience at home luxury with our 2 in 1 foot + body scrub.

Bonus: Substitute one of your shower days with this scrub, the soap will cleanse while the pumice stone exfoliates. Ensure to get your heels for smooth irresistible feet. For best results exfoliate at least 1-2 a week.

8 oz

How to use:

First, wet your skin

Secondly, pop the lid

Thirdly take out the product and apply to the skin in a circular motion

Lastly, Rinse!


Simple. Time-saving. Effective. Reveal Your Glow!


Blue Mountain & Biscuits

African Black Soap, Pumice Stone, Blue mountain coffee, Coco-Glucoside, Natural preservative, caffeine, Sea Kelp, Abyssinian Seed Oil, fragrance, Green tea


African Black Soap, Pumice Stone, Pink Himalayan salt, Coco-Glucoside, Champa Flower Water, Natural preservative, Vitamin B3, Sea Kelp, Abyssinian Seed Oil, fragrance, Cucumber peel

Unforgivingly Pur. Durham Region. Bold. Natural. Authentic. Clean Beauty Skincare

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