S.O.S. Relax
S.O.S. Relax
S.O.S. Relax
S.O.S. Relax
S.O.S. Relax

S.O.S. Relax

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With a pandemic still happening, it's becoming more and more evident how self-care is an ongoing necessity and mental wellness is an all time priority!

Raise your hand if you've had days that seem to last forever and fatigue is the main emotion you identify with.

Raise your hand if you've felt way too overwhelmed and have been unsure of how to tap into peace.

Raise your hand if all you keep saying is "I need a vacation, I need a break"

If one of more of these apply, then this S.O.S  Relax wellness box is for you.  Self > Sacrifice is our 2021 mood because we are no longer are accepting the notion that stress is a part of everyday life. We want more and we are going to do more for ourselves this year. Sometimes it's hard when everyone else needs our attention but in those still quiet moments we find inner peace, we find gold, we find ourselves again.  Cheers to the journey of self discovery and for being wise enough to know and take action on exactly what your body needs.  Worried you won't know where to start or how to use? as a bonus we'll include a cute guide.

 Included in this box Full size products

1 Serenity Body Scrub

1 Hibiscus Face Scrub

1 Unwind & Chill Puroma

Why Buy this box?

There are many ways that relaxation can be achieved and one of those ways are with our Serenity Body Scrub. It's a complete experience to be engulfed in the Aroma of lavender and pink Himalayan salt for a truly serene self-love shower time. Bonus while using this scrub in circular motion it promotes a positive reaction in your body as warm touch calms stress. This scrub not only smells amazing but its leaves your skin feeling irresistibly soft and allows your butter or moisturizer to penetrate and work better. 

Breathe in and breathe out with our hibiscus face scrub. Not only is it great for anti-aging and hydrating your face, but when used as a mask, the peppermint may help with mind clarity. 

Finally our Unwind & Chill Puroma is exactly as it sounds....relaxing. Use as a fragrance oil or you can place it on your wrists or in the palms of your hand so that you can take deep breaths when life feels overwhelming.  

With S.O.S Relax no longer do you have to choose between yourself or life sacrifices. We're providing you with the tools needed to prioritize yourself rather than sacrificing your own well-being. 



We provide quality natural ingredients with visible results. No fluff.

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Our scents are bold. Our scents are delicious. Our scents are Unforgivingly Pur. We ensure that we not only use natural fragrances over synthetic ones, but that we curate each scent to tickle, soothe, or uplift your mood.

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